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M-P Infrastructure Limited is a leading infrastructure development and management company. We focus on renewable energy, power, water, communication and technology, offering the entire value chain of solutions from design and construction to operation and maintenance.

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We have a decade of experience in the Nigerian market and have expanded our service reach across Africa by opening facilities in Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Rwanda and South Africa.
Our business model is focused on bridging Africa’s infrastructure deficit In partnership with some of the leading global equipment manufacturers.

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From our early days as an indigenous telecommunications infrastructure services company offering full turnkey - build solutions, we have evolved over the years to become one of the fastest growing infrastructure solutions providers to several industries in Sub -Saharan Africa. We are also driving pivotal change in smart city infrastructure deployment and the investment required to provide utilities, security, emergency and rescue services.

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The need for infrastructure is universal. At MP-Infrastructure we provide and maintain infrastructure  for public & private corporations across several Sectors & Industries, using best practices and eco-friendly methods to promote a more Sustainable environment.



At MPI, we are constantly interacting and reaching out to multiple industries, companies, and households, offering them customized products and services

IHS Power Swap

In conjunction with the largest Towerco in Africa, we have successfully changed the energy structure for over 2000 telecommunications sites replacing them with hybridenergy solutions,

DFID Solar Project

We have also worked in partnership with DFID to generatesolar energy for up to 36 primary health care facilities inKaduna state ensuring that vaccines and other life-savingdrugs are rightly stored,

Awka Millennium City (AMC)

We have installed up to 600 dual head solar streetlights in AMC the largest structured real estate project in southeast Nigeria.

WSSSRP Project

Delivery of WSSSRP (III), an EU. Funded water project which included the drilling of industrial boreholes, distribution and reticulation of water with 4 Local government Areas,

Anambra State Dual Carriage Roads

Construction of 18km dual carriage roads,drains, pedestrian walkways and box culvertsin Anambra state valued at over $26million.

NPDC Stabilization Plant

Turnkey Delivery of 6,000 BOPD condensate stabilization plant for NPDC, enabling them export crude products.


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With the growing climate emergency, it has never been
more important to develop efficient, reliable and more
carbon neutral ways to build & maintain infrastructure.
Find out what MPI is doing to promote sustainability.

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Best ALU Subcontractor Delivering With Quality for Q3 Ending(Rollout Category)
Telecom Infrastructure Provider of the Year Award.
Beacon of ICT
Core Engineering Partner, 2020 & 2021
Excellent Engineering Partner, 2019
ZTE Nigeria Silver Engineering Partner
Outstanding Strategic Partner of Huawei West Africa, 2008
IHS Presents, Long Partnership Award


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A Brand New Investment Opportunity

Following the successes recorded with Awka Millennium City (AMC), a joint venture project with Anambra State government, the promoters, M-P Infrastructure Ltd, its technical partners and advisors have created Awka Millennium City 2 (AMC2).
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M-P Infrastructure Expands Its Reach with Acquisition of Pro-Serve Integrated

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its projectmanagement capabilities, M-P Infrastructure, a leading infrastructuredevelopment company, has announced the acquisition of Pro-Serve Integrated, arenowned project management firm. This acquisition marks a significantmilestone for M-P Infrastructure as it seeks to expand its reach and strengthenits position in the industry.
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Awka Millennium City

AMC is a Premium multi-nucleic real estate development that is slated to redefine the concept of urban living within Awka, Anambra state. The developer (M-P Infrastructure Ltd) envisions a new residential layout whose development will boost economic activity while increasing the quality of housing in the state capital territory
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