With our Sub-Saharan footprint and diverse experience, proven by outstanding results backed by deep continuous learning, we are building value in the infrastructure space toimpact communities and lives today and for the future. M-P Infrastructure limited (“MPI”) is one of theSub-Saharan emerging construction companies specializing in the delivery of large social and civil infrastructure. In the last 14 years, we have actively contributed to the development of regions’ telecommunications infrastructure, energy transmission lines, and road a vast network of roads, bridges, and airports. MPI specializes in water resources, clean energy, and technology to address sustainable developmentand climate change, and growing security challenges in our operating environment.We are major construction players in the following sectors: Telecommunications, Roads, Bridges Civil & Industrial Buildings, AirportsPower & Energy


MP Infrastructure connects communities — the roads we drive on— and improves the lives of millions of people in their journey through life. MPI has built more than 1500km of highways 14-year history. Today, it continues to provide reliable and long-lasting infrastructure that moves people seamlessly throughout the country. At MPI, we have a reputation for reliability, scheduling, and project cost reductions. Our technical expertise includes, concrete paving, complex structures, and innovative approaches to design and construction. Some of our major road projects include:

Civil & Industrial Buildings, Airports & Water

We have leveraged our civil experience into the water/wastewater sector. Our experience includes expansions and additions to existing urban water and water treatment plants that help to improve water distribution and sewer treatment facilities within communities.

Some of our major work capabilities include demolition of existing process structures, and construction of water works infrastructure, concrete overhead tanks and reticulation facilities, new treatment facilities including process piping systems etc.

We have successfully delivered airport projects while maintaining operations during major expan- sions, renovations, and reconstructions. From smart cities to to large industrial parks we are committed to delivering the most challenging airport construction projects in the industry.

Civil Works Projects

Take a Look at Some of our Civil Works Projects

Awka Millennium City 2

Following the successes recordedwith Awka MillenniumCity (AMC), a joint venture projectwith Anambra Stategovernment, the promoters, M-PInfrastructure Ltd, itstechnical partners and advisors havecreated AMC 2

Millennium Court

Strategically nestled within AMC, Millennium Courtis a purpose designed enclave designed to usher in a new concept of urban living within theregion. It'll comprise of a collocation of masterfully designed contemporary Terraces &Maisonettes supplemented with state of the art infrastructure.

Awka Millennium City (AMC) Road Network

AMC is a Premium multi-nucleic real estate development that is slated to redefine the concept of urban living within Awka, Anambra state. The developer (M-P Infrastructure Ltd)envisions a new residential layout whose development will boost economic activity while increasing the quality of housing in the state capital territory.