Power & 
Renewable Energy

In the last decade, our energy projects have impacted lives in varied communities and cities across sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring that key communication infrastructures are powered up in a sustainable manner cutting back on Co2 emissions from the use of diesel-powered generators. We have powered up storage facilities, water pumps, light points, and critical diagnostic equipment in multiple health care facilities. In part, due to the power infrastructure we have provided, the mortality rate of women and children have significantly declined as they now have access to properly stored vaccines as well as other health care services.

Our Renewable energy and efficiency division focuses on provision of sustainable and renewable energy and power solutions with a strong focus on hybrid power solutions for infrastructure sites, delivery  of  efficiency and optimization via Heat recovery, Thermal Energy Storage, Fuel augmentation and Hydrocarbon Recycling Systems, in an environmentally compliant manner. Our solutions are tailored to deliver additional value to our clients – value, as defined by our  clients’  priorities,  include  Capex  reduction  and  Opex  saving,  “Green  Credentials” (including  carbon  credits)  and  corporate  social  responsibility.  We  assist  our  clients  to realize these benefits through cost-efficient application of the following technologies and strategies: Hybrid Solutions, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Waste to Energy Conversion& Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

Full Turnkey Telecommunications Network Roll Out Solutions (Site Build and Telecoms Equipment Installation)

Our projects Deployment management team oversee the following processes:

Power Projects

Take a Look at Some of our Power Projects Across Africa

IHS Solar Installation

Installation of solarunits acoss over ahundred sitesacross the country. The project is valued at about N150 million.

DFID Solar Project

We have also worked in partnership with DFID to generatesolar energy for up to 36 primary health care facilities inKaduna state ensuring that vaccines and other life-savingdrugs are rightly stored,

Awka Millennium City (AMC)

We have installed up to 600 dual head solar streetlights in AMC the largest structured real estate project in southeast Nigeria.