Oh Lord, you have always been our home You tell us to return to what we were, You change us back to dust.
We are like grass that sprouts in the morning, That grows and bust into bloom,
Then dries up and dies in the evening.
 (Psalm 90:1,3,5,6)

It is with heavy heart that we pay this tribute in memory of our dear colleague, Sachin Kumar Dinker.

Sachin was employed in December 2012 as Operations Manager- Active. He was responsible for organizing and running the Active Managed Service Operations, develop and improve customer relations, study and analyze the local market and its various opportunities, as well as to drive local sales efforts of the company.


Sachin discharged his duties so well, beyond expectation. He was smart, astute, confident, reliable, radical sometimes, open-minded, and highly knowledgeable in his area of work. His expertise was unmatched. He was indeed a rare resource.

Sachin will climb mountains to ensure that he gives satisfaction to our clients, even if it meant pushing his team members to the extreme.

Sachin was so efficient, so much so that when MPI Nigeria needed to appoint someone as Head of Operations- Power Swap-Out Project, to drive the operations and scale up the business, their radar fell on Sachin. It was a big blow to MPI Ghana, but being a good leader, Sachin had already prepared his successor to replace him. He was transferred to MPI Nigeria in September 2015. He was so successful that the Board of Directors appointed him as Country Manager for MPI Cameroon in August 2017, where he worked together with his team to transform the business in Douala, until his sad and unexpected passing. He will be difficult to replace.


Sachin was very friendly and full of life. He was ambitious and loved his family. He took his family with him everywhere he worked. He worked as though he had been instructed by the American Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King:

“……when you discover what you will be in life, set out to do it as if God Almighty called you at this particular moment in history to do it. Don’t just set out to do a good job. Set out to do such a good job that the living, the dead, or the unborn couldn’t do it any better”.

So, it came to pass that a gardener went to inspect his orchard. He spotted a succulent and mouthwatering fruit on one of the trees. He plucked it and walked away grinning while we were left sobbing.

Sachin is gone too soon but as the inspirational writer, Hellen Keller puts it:

“we know that life is never measured by how many years we live, but by the kindly things we do and the happiness we give”. Sachin was kind. He gave us happiness.

Rest in Peace Sachin. The whole of the MPI community will miss you, greatly.

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