Since inception, M-P Infrastructure has offered full telecommunications network infrastructure solutions that include turnkey site build services, fibre optics deployment, supply, installation and commissioning of access & transmission infrastructure and managed services that now form the backbone on which technology services operate.

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Our interests in technology go beyond telecommunications to include driving the smart building initiative for residential and commercial properties and our investments in tech startups. We aim to be the accelerator of choice for technology startups in Nigeria and across Africa.

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MPI is at the forefront of green energy technology solutions and CO2 emission reduction in Africa. We have successfully deployed distributed power solutions to clients utilizing a hybrid energy source that incorporates solar power and lithium-ion battery technology to ensure energy cost reductions. Till date we have deployed and delivered a total of 4.2 megawatts of renewable energy across Nigeria.

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We are also building strategic partnerships with globally recognized companies engaged in the sale and marketing of reliable power plants to enable us meet and support the requirements of our clients, as well as control construction deliverable and timely commissioning.

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Specialist Infrastructure and Concessioning

We  work  in  private  and  public-private  partnerships  to  develop  specialist  infrastructure  requirements  and  concessions such  as  supply and installation of modular power generation package plant, deployment of prefabricated structures and data centres for our diverse clients.


Our transportation solutions coordinate movement of equipment through our entire supply chain network to ensure timely delivery of goods consistent with project timelines.

Our current fleet comprises of more than 400 vehicles that move equipment and teams over long distances across the continent. Vehicles are fitted with e-tags to track our assets at any point in time from our central control office. This is driving our extension of our frontiers in to the fast developing area of rail infrastructure services with interest in tracks and signaling services.

Water Engineering

MPI water engineering services provide an end-to-end solution to the provision of portable water to local communities in Nigeria. Our strategy is focused primarily on supplying water to these societies in a cost effective and sustainable manner.

Our growth has evolved into offering the design, construction and distribution, pipe networks, borehole digging, bulk metering and reticulation of water supply system and water treatment plant services We also offer construction of water storage for constant distribution of drinking water.

These services are provided with international strategic partners and OEMs. Assuring or clients of world class service and products. MPI also offers end-to-end service management covering each step of the water treatment process, making water fit for human consumption, delivering it to inhabitants, treating urban and industrial wastewater, and billing end-users.

Structural Engineering

Our Specialized Infrastructure engineering focuses on design, build, upgrade, maintain and operation across various sectors and industries

MPI is redefining the role of infrastructure in basic construction and provide a unique approach to structural engineering building on the foundations of smart and scalable infrastructure. Structural construction benefits on being a part of a whole in this community approach where various systems interact in a harmonious manner.

At the heart of every sustainable infrastructure strategy is sound and in-depth planning.

At MPI we work with our clients, understand their needs and provide customized plans to meet their unique requirements.

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We develop new solutions, improve existing infrastructure plans, and help identify best fit technical partners. Our experienced professionals ensure proposed designs are technically and commercially achievable, taking into consideration likely risks and dependencies.

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